Thursday, August 10, 2017


A child is overheard heard calling to his father, “Dad! Watch this! Watch, dad, watch!” Children love for their parents to watch.

A child is often quiet when caught doing something wrong. He wishes his dad had not been watching at that moment.

   The eyes of the LORD are in every place, 

   Watching the evil and the good.
   --Proverbs 15:3

How does this proverb strike your mind?
Is God the father you wish to call out to so that He will watch you? Or do you feel ashamed when you think about God hoping that He does not look your way (because you know you do not measure up to His standard)?

In reality, He is the same God. He sees the good AND the evil. He IS watching. He sees everything.

Perhaps the question is not about how you feel about this reality, but whether you have a relationship with God. You see, if  you are a child of God, then even when He sees you doing evil, He will act for your good. 

God is the loving father who is joyful when we do good; and He is the loving father and disciplinarian when we do something wrong. The goal of His discipline is to provide correction and move us back to the right path. He loves his children and always acts for their good, whether blessing or discipline.

Be wise and take inventory of your relationship with God.

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