Monday, October 16, 2017

Can You Hear the Voice of Wisdom?

     Does not wisdom call,
     And understanding lift up her voice?
     --Proverbs 8:1

Consider the stark contrast:
Wisdom calls in the day, in the heights, in places where people gather.
The wicked woman prowls around at night, in the dark streets, preying on the naïve fool who walks alone.

Proverbs 7 and 8 tell even more:
  • Wisdom speaks truth; the strange woman flattery.
  • Wisdom speak noble things; the foreign woman deceitful things.
  • Wisdom utters righteousness; the adulterous woman draws her prey into wickedness.

I have never heard anyone accuse 'Wisdom' of speaking deceitfully. I have never heard anyone say that 'Wisdom' has no value. I have never heard anyone claim that it is foolish to lead or govern with 'Wisdom.' Almost everyone would agree that 'Wisdom' is good.

Wisdom presents herself in the light of day; openly for all to hear; ready for critical inspection. She calls, not arrogantly to gain attention; she calls to offer counsel, hope, riches, justice, life.

Why? Why? WHY!?
Why do so many refuse Wisdom?
  • Is it that Wisdom has so little to offer?
  • Is it that Wisdom has no value?
  • Is it that Wisdom has not made herself known?
  • Is it that Wisdom waits in the shadows?
  • Is it that Wisdom is difficult?
  • Is it that Wisdom is just not popular?

In chapter seven, the foolish young man chose the adulteress.

Wisdom calls...
Wisdom calls aloud...
Wisdom calls aloud in the daytime...
And all choose!

We choose to listen to wisdom OR
   ...listen to our heart,
   ...listen to our mind/intellect/reasoning,
   ...listen to our self.

There are many sources of wisdom in our world, but only one that is divine.
Choose God's wisdom.
Choose life.